Bielska Strefa Modelarska

We are an association formed by Bielsko’s modeling enthusiasts - one of the most creative and interdisciplinary forms of activity. Our meetings are a great opportunity to exchange experiences and improve modelers of all ages. We are happy to share our passion, knowledge and skills with young people looking for their own way of life and "a way of themselves".”.

The unbelievable advantage of our meetings is the place in which they are held: shop-studio, which gives quick access to models, tools and model materials. It is here, under the watchful eye of older colleagues, that young model adepts have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the fields of mechanics, chemistry, physics and design, and - no less important - history..

We are convinced that such a great hobby as modeling will give the youth a good school of discipline, reliability, patience, curiosity and camaraderie in such a crucial period of life, when the personality and social attitude of a human being is formed. What's more, the strong connection between the themes of the work and history has a significant influence on the shaping of patriotic and civic attitudes.

The culmination of our work was the arrangement of the competition-exhibition "International Model Review - Bielsko-Biała 2016" presenting the charms of modeling for the wider audience. Full of energy and experience gained from the first edition, we are starting to work on the FOURTH EDITION !. We want the "Poland Model Show" Bielsko-Biała to become a permanent part of the cultural calendar of the city, and at the same time a worthy showcase in the international arena.

We would like to thank our Presidents Jacek Krywult and Jarosław Klimaszewski and the Department of Culture and Arts of the City of Bielsko-Biała. We have enormous support from them and motivation for further hard work.

Our friends from the Historical Reconstruction Group BREDA at the Beskid Maczkowce Association deserve our warm words. They are the ones who support our efforts to make the Poland Model Show more attractive and go beyond the framework of model making. Thanks a lot to our wonderful sponsors, without whom we would not finance this project.

Our Sponsors