Regulamin wystawy

Rules of the International Model Review.

General information

Name: 4th International Model Modeling Bielsko Biała 2019
Date: September 27-29, 2019;

Place: Hall BKS-Stal ul. Rychlińskiego 19; 43-300 Bielsko Biała;
Organizer: Bielska Modeling zone, Association of Human Development Sphere;

Order rules

  1. Admission for visitors to the premises where the event is held is free
  2. All people taking part in the event are obliged to comply with the organizers’ orders.
  3. Participants of the event and all other people who are in the Hall are obliged to follow the orders of security services and model security services.
  4. The organizer designates the following organizational order and parts of the event division:
    • restrictive function division of car parks into the parking lot for models displaying;
    • visitors to the event and parking for the model exchange
  5. Each person taking part in the event – IV International Modeling Review Bielsko Biała 2019 is obliged to read the regulations of the BKS-Stal hall in Bielsko Biala and submit to their subscriptions.
  6. Participation in the competition and entry to the area of any of the facilities where the event of visitors, participants and sellers takes place means the explicit acceptance of the regulations of the event and facilities. At the same time, all these people undertake to comply with health, fire and other safety regulations issued by the manager of the BKS-Stal facility and the “Human Development Sphere” Association in order to ensure safety for all people in the premises.
  7. On the site there is video monitoring with recording, all recordings of cameras can be the basis tobe held liable towards to users who do not comply with the regulations and instructions applicable at the Hall and during the event. The management of the facility guarantees that monitoring is carried out in a way that does not affect your personal rights and dignity of users.
  8. The organizers of the festival are not responsible for valuable items and money that’s left behind at the exhibition.
  9. The owners of the modeling market stands are obliged to independently secure the contents of the stand during the event and its service.
  10. The organizer is not responsible for securing the content of the modeling exchange stands and the exposition of club stands.
  11. The organizers will do their best to ensure the models’ safety, but they do not bear formal and legal responsibility for damaging them during the exhibition.
  12. All underage participants can only take part in the event under the supervision of adults, and the guardians bear full responsibility for the children entrusted to them and are liable for any damage caused by them.
  13. The admission to the event area is forbidden to:
    • people with health contraindications,
    • people with illnesses that may be dangerous to other participants,
    • people whose hygiene status deviates from generally accepted norms,
    • people under the influence of intoxicants.
  14. The organizer of the event is not responsible for accidents caused by competitors and visitors, which may result from poor health of the injured person.
  15. The organizer of the event can temporarily restrict access to the hall during the event due to safety regulations while visiting the models if the event is exceeding the maximum number of people participating in the event.
  16. The organizers must be notified of any accident situations that threaten the life and health of the participants of the event and the incorrect operation of the equipment.
  17. The organizer of the event can refuse access to the event to people:
    • possessing weapons or other dangerous objects, materials, products, beverages, dangerous substances.
    • behaving aggressively, provocatively or otherwise posing a threat to the safety or order of the event,
    • whose appearance makes identification impossible,
    • who do not comply with applicable regulations and safety instructions.
  18. During the event, the Organizer and Participants of the event, as well as other people staying on its premises, undertake to comply with the provisions of the Act in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism.
  19. The organizer ensures the safety of people present at the event and order during the event, by, among others:
    • own security services and a person designated to supervise their operation during the event,
    • external protection subject to the administrator of the facility where the event takes place,
    • the security services of the reduction models and the appointment of a manager who manages these services.
    • information services,
    • providing medical assistance and sanitary facilities.
  20. It is forbidden to destroy markings and information boards, advertising media, devices and equipment located on the premises of the event, parking lots, etc.
  21. Participants are required to use sanitary facilities only for their intended purpose.
  22. It is forbidden to bring and possess during the event: weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, fire-hazardous materials, gastronomic products, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.
  23. In addition, dogs and other animals are not allowed to enter the event area.
  24. Security services who will have an identifier in a visible place, are entitled to issue ordering orders to people disturbing public order or behaving in violation of the rules of the event, and in the event of non-performance of these orders – to call them to leave the event.
  25. Evaluation of objects as dangerous belongs to the order service.

Competition rules

    • Each modeler can register up to 15 models in a given class
    • Models that in the previous editions of the event received special awards or special prizes cannot be submitted to the competition.
    Models can be submitted by 25-09-2019 until 23:59 via Model Service System. The link is available on the competition page in the “Player section”.

    • When registering your account, please provide your name and date of birth, based on which the player is automatically qualified for a given age group SENIOR (over 18 years old), JUNIOR (14-17 years), YOUNGSTERS (up to 13 years).
    • The player receives an e-mail confirmation of the account registration and confirmation of registration of each model along with the starting number. There is no need to print cards or confirmations – starter cards are printed by the organizer.
    • You can register the model online “in advance” and don’t appear on the competition. This is not an organizational problem.
    • We encourage you to register online!
    The registration on the spot will be available on the day before the exhibition, Friday, September 27th, 2019, from 17:00 to 20:00 and on September 28th, 2019 (Saturday) till 10:00am. *.
    ATTENTION! in case of a large number of applications, due to technical reasons (data entry, printouts of start-up cards and confirmations), the organizer reserves the right to terminate the registration earlier. Accepting models on Saturday until 13:00
    The starting fee is 10 PLN for seniors regardless of the number of models submitted. Youngsters and juniors are exempt from the entry free.
  1. The models will be judged by the jury. During the evaluation, the committee will pay particular attention to:
    • diligence and geometric correctness
    • the complexity of the model
    • painting and marking
    • contribution of own work

    ATTENTION! If the indexed part of the model is hidden in the middle of the model, the modeler who wants to pay attention to valorisation should include photographic documentation from the valorisation construction stage.

  2. The judges’ commissions will consist of min. 3 people.
    ATTENTION – The principle of not judging models by a judge taking part in a given starting class applies.
  3. People directly associated with the organization of the competition cannot display models in the competition.
  4. In each of the start categories, a maximum of three awards are granted. One person can receive only one award in a given class.
  5. It is allowed that people from younger age groups compete in older categories (eg a youngster exhibits his works in the juniors category), the opposite situation is unacceptable.
  6. The category selection is made by the modeler at registration. All disputable matters are resolved on the spot, in the presence of the Chairman of the Judges’ Committee
  7. Prizes not accepted by the winner at the award ceremony will not be sent to them.

Three diamonds is a special prize of the Bielsko’s Model Zone awarded to three best models (gold / silver / bronze) in the aviation theme, without division into a scale, however due to the specificity of the registration system, we report models in the categories DIAMK (cardboard models) or DIAMP (plastic models ). Models from both categories will be assessed together.

The basic evaluation criteria is:

  • correctness and compliance with the documented object documented by the issuer;
  • own contribution to the detail of the mapping;
  • it will be required from the modeler to provide technical documentation, which was guided during the construction of the model (technical drawings and photographs of the object) and photographic documentation of the course of model construction including a comparison of the miniature to the original plans;
  • quality of execution adequate to the difficulty and scale of the model.

When registering online, please attach a photo and a brief description of the model (scale, company, materials used, etc.).


A prestigious award for a card model, whitch is made, paited and weathered on “pure madness” skill level, and it’s necessary to confirm it’s of paper.

  1. In the “Oskar Modelarski” competition (hereinafter referred to as OM), any plastic or cardboard model made by the modeler may be launched regardless of nationality, it may be an individual modeler and / or associated in a cache or IPMS.
  2. The OM competition will be played as part of the International Modeling Review in Bielsko-Biała (hereinafter referred to as the Festival).
  3. The OM competition is not divided into internal classes and scale, however, due to the specificity of the registration system, we report models in the categories of OMK (cardboard models) or OMP (plastic models). Models from both categories will be assessed together.
  4. The OM competition is not divided in any way in terms of the level of model valorization or the modeler’s level.
  5. The model registered for the OM competition cannot take part in the general Festival competition or other additional events of the Festival.
  6. The model will be qualified for the competition, the author of which will show that the work in the last three years has won the first three awards in modeling competitions. Every first place can be replaced by the following trophies from other model exhibitions;
    • Grand Prix of the exhibition organizer;
    • The first place of the special competition, in which models with documentation (the equivalent of the Three Diamonds) take part;
    • No competition results or certificates gained in competitions played in online media such as forums and other social networking sites will be honored.
  7. Trophies can come from domestic and foreign exhibitions and competitions.
  8. Certificates and / or trophies must be attached and displayed next to the model for verification by the judges.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify the model if he doubts at least one of the above-mentioned trophies.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify the model if he doubts the independence of the model, even if it concerns its parts, eg the stand.
  11. Criteria for model evaluation:
    • Diligence of the model – correct gluing;;
    • Geometric correctness of the solid;
    • The quality of the painting performed, the correctness of the color, the scale of pigmentation of the metals, the cut-off of the painted and / or calculated colors;
    • Substantive, historical and regulatory compliance of markings on the model;
    • The quality of the interior, the use of restorative materials for the originals;
    • Quality neatness of glazing;
    • The general presentation of the model, i.e. liked, dislike;
    • quantity and quality of elements made by scratch technique.
  12. Among the submitted models, the organizer will choose one model to be awarded the Model Oscar Award The Best of The 2019..
  13. The organizer will evaluate the models among seven judges who will complete the assessment sheet prepared according to the criteria described in § 10 anonymously and then forward them to the Chairman of the Refereeing Committee, who, after scoring, will announce the winner.
 The official website of the International Model Review: www.polandmodelshow.coml